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FSC – Financial Services Compliance

Led by Golan Shlomi, Attorney and Notary Financial regulation expert and money laundering risk assessment

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    FSC – Global Financial Services Compliance

    FSC provides global consulting services on Financial Compliance and as well as Risk management. The professionalism and accumulated experience of Golan  enables us to offer clients high quality and uncompromising consulting services, focusing, among other things, on financial regulation, risk management and money laundering issues for the Israeli and international markets.

    FSC has significant practical experience in implementing financial regulation in financial institutions, building compliance processes, assimilating policies, procedures, conducting risk surveys and complying with reporting requirements to the anti-money laundering authorities.

    עו״ד גולן שלומי


    Regulatory International Compliance advisory to Financial Services Providers

    IT System Requirements
    • Specification of Database according to regulatory requirements
    • Reporting to Regulators
    Audit management
    • Compliance Survey
    • Risk Assessment Survey
    • Independent Audit and Examination
    • Remediation of Violation
    • Training & Education
    Rules & Procedures
    • Policy definition
    • Rules & Procedures
    • Supporting the process of assimilating the procedures in company’s operations
    Regulation & Laws
    • Corporate documents legal examination
    • Identifying Key Issues; Regulatory Mapping & Risk Assessment (including Anti Money Laundering & TF)
    • Legal Interpretation & Regulator expectation Mgt
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