FSC – Financial Services Compliance
Led by Golan Shlomi, Attorney and Notary Financial regulation expert and money laundering risk assessment  

FSC provides global consulting services on Financial Compliance and as well as Risk management. The professionalism and accumulated experience of Golan  enables us to offer clients high quality and uncompromising consulting services, focusing, among other things, on financial regulation, risk management and money laundering issues for the Israeli and international markets.

FSC has significant practical experience in implementing financial regulation in financial institutions, building compliance processes, assimilating policies, procedures, conducting risk surveys and complying with reporting requirements to the anti-money laundering authorities.

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    Golan Shlomi

    Attorney and Notary

Golan Shlomi is an Attorney and Notary with 20 years of experience. Golan is a Naval Course graduate with Honors and Faculty of Law of the School of Management graduate with Honors. Golan is formerly a lecturer of Tax Law at the College of Management and the College of Technological Education; Lecturer on Money Laundering; Lecturer on Commercial Law and contributor in various professional forums. He is an editor of a tax and money laundering periodical and a professional finance and money laundering newsletter, author of articles on money laundering and tax law in the civil and criminal fields. Mr. Shlomi is an owner and founder of a leading boutique law firm specializing in financial regulation, money laundering, and terrorism financing.

The law firm represents and provides legal services to large businesses in finance industry in Israel and worldwide in the area of ​​regulation, compliance and conducting money laundering and terror financing audits. Mr. Shlomi has vast experience in providing comprehensive legal advice and support to financial service providers.

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    Ronit Janco

    Law Intern

Ronit Janco, a Law Intern, has completed her LLB from the academic College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan.

Ronit performed her professional career in the Israeli Embassy in Rome, as an assistant to the consul for two years. In 1989, she began working in the Mizrahi bank as senior secretary to the manager of Southern Region and the last 30 years, served as a senior business banker in the beer-Sheva business Center, a role that included ongoing handling of complex business clients, some of which were one of the country’s economic top. In addition, she was responsible for handling the clients, settlement sector in the branch. As part of its functions, she has handled the marketing of a range of banking products to existing customers, as well as recruiting new customers, preparing credit and securities documents, issuing bank guarantees, Forex and international trade, transactions in financial instruments, and more. During her work at the bank, the world has undergone many regulatory processes such as the entry of the prohibition of Money Laundering law, FATCA taxation citizens with foreign affiliation and more, which must be knowledgeable and compliance with the regulations, training in all areas of banking, and a response to defects discovered in the bank’s internal audits and inspections of the Bank of Israel. Not one, Ronit won the bank’s assessment of the Efficiency offer.

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    Galit Bronshtien


Galit Bronstein is an Attorney, holds a B.A. degree in LLB, the College of Management academic studies; M.A., LLM Law, Tel Aviv University. In the past 20 years, she has been a civil-commercial business with specialization in labor law, while providing broad legal counsel to clients in the business sector, as regards their ongoing activities. She has extensive experience in advising on the ongoing business management for companies and business owners, with an emphasis on preventive legal advice, while examining risk management, understanding the various regulations and relevance to each client and customer, and adapting the procedures and organizational conduct accordingly. Galit is transferring workshops and training in these fields to employees and managers, and in the past decade, companies and organizations accompany the processes of their relevant regulatory health. She has extensive experience in conducting legal cases with the various authorities, including the writing of professional opinions. At the same time, other positions were held in various academic studies, inter alia, in the Chaim Shtrix Law School, the College of Management academic track, as a lecturer and a supervisor of student affairs, and at the Kibbutzim College of Education in the course of a social business administration as a lecturer in the field of commercial law.


Regulatory International Compliance advisory to Financial Services Providers

Regulation & Laws

– Corporate documents legal examination
– Identifying Key Issues; Regulatory Mapping & Risk Assessment (including Anti Money Laundering & TF)
– Legal Interpretation & Regulator expectation Mgt

Rules & Procedures

– Policy definition
– Rules & Procedures
– Supporting the process of assimilating the procedures in company’s operations

Audit management

– Compliance Survey
– Risk Assessment Survey
– Independent Audit and Examination
– Remediation of Violation
– Training & Education

IT System Requirements

– Specification of Database according to regulatory requirements
– Reporting to Regulators

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